Kemper Cabinets Reviews

Kemper cabinets reviews gives you an idea of the real quality of kemper cabinets. If you are to purchase from this brand the best bet would be to go through the comments, feedbacks or testimonials from customers who have already bought from this brand. Kemper claims only they provide exclusive lifetime warranty for their furniture products. That is a big thing considering it is ‘lifetime’ and that too product of wood. Anyways let us look into some of the customer feedbacks.

Kemper cabinets reviews listed out here are from independent customers only who have bought cabinets from kemper before. Consider it as a general guide before making the decision. These kemper cabinets reviews will give you an overall idea.

A cabinet owner review it as “we had our kemper cabinets installed 8 months ago, so far we have been very satisfied over all with every component. The finish is beautiful; it covers well and cleans easily. WE have 5 sons they slam the doors sit in the counters everything you don’t want to happen. We haven’t had a single issue.” He gave a whopping overall rating of 9.5 out of 10.

Another customer says “We bought this house 4 years ago, in the time we’ve had the house the finish has been peeling off the Kemper cabinets. This issue includes both upper and lower cabinets. We’ve contacted the local dealer and they seem to be unable to get any response from Kemper on resolving this issue. We are very disappointed.”

Another disappointed customer says “I just had my maple chocolate Kemper cabinets installed in my kitchen. The finish on them is poor. There are multiple areas on each cabinet door where the finish is barely there. Kemper did replace a few of the doors, but they’re the same poor finish. Had I known the consistency would be so poor, I wouldn’t have chosen this brand of cabinets. My husband and I are quite disappointed and now we’ll just have to live with what we have.”

Kemper cabinets reviews and testimonials helps a buyer to make his or her final decision. Overall kemper cabinets reviews are positive and customers are fond of their furniture sets. We have listed out some more reviews.

Jo Mama says “The Kitchen Kraft frameless boxes are complete garbage. Large gaps at the joints, corners not aligned flush, cheap plastic “veneer” tape on the edges with glue oozing out and smeared across the wood panel and some of the tape was not even trimmed flush to the face. Every box was significantly out of square, which made it tough to line them up and screw them together. The door construction was alright, but there quality control was nonexistent. Even though every box had a little QC sticker on it, Kitchen Kraft obviously hires the blind, as out of an order for 17 cabinet, one door showed up with two large cracks in one rail, another door had obvious planner marks on part of the center panel, one door had large sap pocket pits in two rails and never should have been finished, two 10×24 doors were warped about 3/8″corner to corner and on one cabinet the door heights differed by not quite a 1/4 inch. On the design side, their pull out shelves are recessed back in from the front of the cabinet about 3 inches which is a waste of space.

We looked at a lot of door styles and they had the only one we liked (Napoli). In hindsight, we should have ordered the doors and built the boxes ourselves. $16K for 17 cabinets and trim was a total rip, as they clearly don’t have any skilled labor on the box building line and their inspectors need better glasses.”

L Thomas says “The finish wears terrible. It is rubbing off on the edges of my cabinets and they look awful. I would never purchase this brand again.”

Kemper cabinets reviews have been mixed from various customers around the US. There have been customers who have been praising about their customer support yet some customers have complaining about the quality of their cabinets. Go here to find more about Kemper Cabinets.

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